ERA Health Records

Efficient, Reliable, Accurate

Electronic health record software is integral part of a medical practice. Dermatology EHR system is expected to facilitate timely and accurate collection and storage of clinical data. With our years of experience in clinical practice and using electronic health systems, we have created an efficient, reliable and accurate dermatology (ERA) electronic health record with unique capabilities that make it ideal for use in dermatology.


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Electronic health record software -

Sawgio EHR offers an easy-to-use interface to record patient history, examination, assessment and plan, as well as separate modules for past medical history, medications and laboratory and pathology reports. Practitioners may use free text, click-and-point technology or pre-designed templates for common dermatologic conditions.

Electronic health record software -

A secure, disaster proof, cloud based system provides Sawgio EHR with an unparalleled degree of reliability. The 128 bit data encryption technology guarantees 99.9% uptime and secure data transfer. Physicians can access patient information in any location and on any device.

Electronic health record software -

Sawgio EHR’s point and click interface creates accurate patient notes with a standard format for easy reading. A detailed body chart is available to track exact location of lesions and procedures. Patient demographics, which are entered at enrollment time,


Our patient portal module allows patients to access their health record from anywhere at any time.


Sawgio practice management software allows to schedule patients for single and multi-location practices.


Our system allows for a simple integration process with any other practice management systems and various laboratories.


Our Dermatopathology module allows a simple integrated reporting from within your EHR if you use in-house or a referral skin pathology reporting.


By using our MOHS module, you can create accurate MOHS procedure notes and referral letters within minutes.


Some of us still like to dictate notes. Our system allows you to incorporate your audio notes into your progress notes as needed.


Our system allows you to perform Tele-dermatology. It has capability of store and forward pre-recorded tele-dermatology video or run a live tele-dermatology session.


We have incorporated photo analysis of dermoscopic images into our EHR. The method allows you to quickly know how to best manage pigment lesions.

With our years of experience in clinical practice, we have created an efficient, reliable and accurate ERA Software with unique capabilities that make it ideal for use in dermatology.

Sawgio LLC is medical services and software company with offices in New York, California and Florida. Sawgio LLC is run and managed by a group of dermatologists, seasoned software professionals, support and training staff with years of experience in medical software development and medical billing services. Sawgio’s management team are pioneers in Dermatology EHR software technology and they have been developing and using EHR software for over fifteen years. Sawgio’s director and dermatologist is one of the early adopters of Dermatology EHR technology, all of his offices have been using dermatology specific EHRs for over ten years.

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